As a production assistent

Production assistant – Theaterschip – 2021

Due to the Covid measures, the original Dickens Festijn could not take place. As a replacement, events dEVENTer came up with an audio tour. Where visitors with sufficient distance could still walk through the streets of Dickens with the classic stories of Charles Dickens!

I made sure that everything went smoothly (arranged voice actors, bought food at the recording day, etc.)

I also was a voice actor in two stories.

Website: Dickens Walk | 6 t/m 30 december – Dickensfestijn Deventer

Production assistant – TG de Jonge honden i.c.w. Theater na de Dam – 2019

During the process of this performance I made sure that the practical matters were taken care of.

About the performance:

From 1941 onwards, swimming pools, football fields and sports clubs all had a sign stating ‘prohibited for Jews’. And that while the sport got a revival during the Second World War in the Netherlands. The number of participants started to grow again, the stands filled with spectators. Sport was openly permitted by the German occupiers, because ‘those who sport do not sin’.

This performance is specially made for the Theater na de Dam event and is about a gym association during the war years. This is mainly about personal stories. For example, how did you deal with Jewish players in your club? What if he cheats? And what happened when you made a statement? These are confrontational and human dilemmas that are still relevant. And sometimes they also make the difference.

About Theater na de Dam:

On the evening of the National Remembrance Day on May 4 at 9 p.m., theater makers and artists throughout the Netherlands are committed to providing this day with extra meaning. Every year, more than a hundred performances are played simultaneously, each of which relates to the Second World War in its own way.

Production assistant and extras supervisor – TG de Jonge Honden i.c.w. theater Gajes – 2019

During the rehearsal process of this performance I assisted with production tasks. I guided the extras who played along (made sure they were well taken care of and helped where necessary). In addition, I provided extra special effects during the performance (for example, smoke).

About the performance:

VERZAND is a 360 degree summer evening performance with lots of sand. About the first king of the Netherlands. A king that we have collectively forgotten.