Yaël Korse

Born in Zwolle on 14 January 2000 in the Netherlands, is an actor, performer and theatre maker.

When I was a little child, I looked at everything around me.
Every movement, every color and every human was registered.
I was fascinated by everything I saw, especially the people.
How they communicate with other people and with everything around them
I saw how there face changes when they looked at my parents and then looked at me. Or with emotions. I saw their mouth moving, the little hand gestures.
I looked at them as if I was not one of them.

Later, in primary school, my teacher insisted on a hearing test and we discovered that I had hearing loss. My parents never knew because I learned myself lipreading, so I could communicate really well.
Despite my Hearing Aids, I never stopped looking at the movements around me.
For me, I understand movements more than sounds.
I came obsessed with this.

I lived with my parents and little sister and our house was full of books. So I started reading, and really loved it. It was my first encounter with storytelling and I instantly knew what I wanted to be: a writer.
As ambitious as I was I wrote every day. I made a lot of short stories and I let my teacher read everything.

When I was twelve years old that same teacher hires a theatre teacher for a workshop, I discovered that, with theatre, you can combine text, storytelling and movements. I fell in love.

From that point on, everything I did in my life was based on theatre.